"From Day 1, KAB gave us confidence in our selection of a building team. Both Simon and Ben shared practical advice and ideas prior to, and during the development, discussed stages and progress and completed our home efficiently, keeping stress levels to a bare minimum.

Both Ben and Simon always made themselves readily available and openly communicated throughout every stage, keeping us updated on the progress, decisions or changes no matter how small. If one of the business owners was unavailable, I had full confidence when dealing with another member of their team seeking advice and asking questions.

Nothing was ever too much for the KAB team. We did choose to make several changes throughout the project, often after a wall was framed or a plasterer had finished plastering. The KAB boys clearly clarified what we wanted done and then without any fuss, made the alteration accordingly.

The quality of the work is clearly evident as people who visit our house quite often remark on this aspect and ask “who was your builder?” as they note how well the house was finished off.

Overall the KAB building team were friendly and hard working. After years of reading and finding ideas in magazines and online, they have helped to transform our house into a beautifully finished dream. We would recommend anyone building a new home or renovating to speak with Simon and Ben."

Alicia Curtis

"The best decision we made when building our "once in a lifetime" dream house was to award our contract to KAB Constructions. Put simply, the KAB team under the leadership of Simon Broadhurst and Ben Kurth enabled us to enjoy the challenge of building. Their work is best summarised by the list below:

  • Highly professional master builders
  • Open to suggestions and flexible, they listen and give encouraging feedback
  • Punctual
  • Always welcoming, easy to talk to and generous with their time
  • Open and honest, particularly when possible changes are discussed
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Take great pride in their work
  • They work as a team and are collaborative and co-operative at all times
  • Have a highly skilled network of subcontractors who are all very dependable and who operate as part of the extended team
  • Friendly, polite and fair
  • Are able to develop really positive working relationships with clients
  • And really importantly - they answer their phones!

We often heard the comment from suppliers and subcontractors on the building site that KAB Constuctions are a team of builders who are a pleasure to work with and for. In our case, their positive 'can do' attitude ensured our significant build was stress free and smooth.

We strongly endorse KAB Constructions and take great pleasure in recommending them to prospective new clients."

Bruce & Mandy Forster

"Our first dealings with KAB were in the design stages of our home. We had our own plans and were living interstate. Simon was very helpful to our draftsman in explaining Tasmanian requirements, when at that stage we had not even sought quotes from builders. KAB were one of few builders who were willing to provide a ballpark quote based on floor plans, and we were pleasantly surprised when the final quote came in lower. Not something that we experienced through the others we obtained final quotes from, and KAB’s quote was more detailed than others. We felt we had already begun to build a solid relationship with Simon and Ben and we could trust them to build our home.

Building commenced in February 2012 and was completed in five months. Ben and Nick were on site every working day and there was always something happening. They were always open to comment, and available to answer any queries we had. We could quite happily describe our whole building process as seamless. We always knew what was happening on site and were kept well informed by Ben and Simon. We were always welcome on site to talk to the builders as required, and none of our concerns were ever treated as trivial. If Ben felt that there was room for improvement in our plans, he bought it to our attention and discussed the options with us.

We have been unable to fault the workmanship of the KAB team. The attention to detail has been thorough and there is no area of our home that we believe they could have done better. Their choice and management of their subcontractors was never an issue. There were no significant delays and communication between the KAB team and their contractors always seemed to be top notch. It was clear that KAB provided more than adequate guidance to their subcontractors to make sure that the job was done to their (and our) satisfaction.

We highly commend the work of KAB and would recommend their services to anybody looking for a quality, reliable building job. They provided us with a home of excellent quality at a price that is value for money. We would have no hesitation building with them in the future should the need arise."

Alex & Sam Vander Wijngaart

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